about pure natural box

Being a massive beauty product fan I subscribed to a couple of the beauty boxes available, only to be disappointed every month when products were presented containing parabens and other unpleasant chemicals i certainly didn't want to use on my body.  Read more about ingredients that wont feature in any Pure Natural Box Editions here.

I decided that the more health and future conscious amongst us would welcome a skincare and beauty box which introduced us to pure, natural and organic products only.  Absolutely no parabens.

I'm working with amazing boutique and luxury beauty and skincare brands to bring you the best products on the market which are free from parabens and many other undesirable ingredients which you may be unaware of.  You want products that work too; the products in the box have all been tried and tested and are loved!  All products are cruelty free.

Recycled, recyclable and biodegradable are the key words here.  Pure Natural Box strives to minimise waste going to landfill.  The boxes are delivered in a 100% recycled postal box which is also recyclable.  The shredded black paper inside the internal presentation box is made of 100% recycled paper (which you can use again for your bunnies!) and the information card and postal labels are produced using 100% recycled card.  These are, of course, biodegradable.  The white snap shut presentation box is one you can reuse in your house for storing anything from makeup to keep sakes. 

I'm on an education journey myself and i want to share it.  Before i started researching i had no idea that i was buying products for my family and myself which contained so many un-regulated and nasty chemicals.  When presented with the facts, why would i continue when there are so many other products out there which are much better.  You can read more about the undesirable ingredients here.  A 'no paraben' product is pretty much 'the basic level' in the route approaching 'Green Beauty', there are so many products out there which declare 'no parabens' but which are then full of other bad chemicals.  But if you are already thinking of buying 'no paraben' products then that's a step in the right direction, everyone has to start somewhere.  Its where I started.

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So if you like the sound of this and want to try some amazing products then you can buy a box now.  Also if you want to receive exclusive news about future boxes, products, brands and general 'Green Beauty' goodness then register your email here.  A pure natural box goes on sale every quarter, limited boxes are available and don't forget that the discount codes within the box are only valid for 3 months from the box release date.

Love Rebecca